About Us

素食是一种回归自然、保护地球生态环境的文化理念。在美国有十分之一人口开始吃素,素食文化,已经成为了一个全球性的时尚标签。吃素除了能获取天然纯净的均衡营养外,也成为了当今社会上一种全新的环保、健康的生活方式。选择了素食,你就选择了健康。 吉祥斋是布伦八大道第一家素餐馆,吉祥斋素食款式多样,味道独特,以健康、高品质的经营理念,结合现在营养学及食品技术,采用豆制品、菌类、五谷杂粮及新鲜洁净的绿色蔬菜,精心烹制出高营养的绿色健康菜品。至简的烹调,等你来享受美味, 欢迎来吉祥斋品尝素食,让美食满足你的胃吧!

Vegetarian on the tip of the tongue

Lucky Vegetarian promotes a cultural concept of returning to nature and protecting the Earth’s ecological environment. Statistics shows 10% of people in the United States are vegetarian, and have become the global trends. A vegetarian diet not only can provide a wide variety of healthful , nutritious foods; it also leads to a heathy and environmental-friendly way of life in today’s society. In addition to the health benefits, a vegetarian diet contributes to overall healthful dietary choice. Lucky Vegetarian is proud to be the first vegetarian restaurant on Sunset Park Brooklyn. We offer a variety of popular mouth-watering vegetarian dishes and promote healthy diet. We select only the best organic whole food ingredients including beans, mushrooms, whole grains, and leafy vegetables, to combine with nutritional necessities, to make sure every single dish is unique and meticulous. The most simple cooking, the most delicious! Welcome to Lucky Vegetarian, we guarantee that our delicious dishes will satisfy your taste buds!